Success Stories


Dear Ed,

     I wanted to thank you and your team for the outstanding work you did in regards to purchasing my Father’s house. Not only did you provide a fair and viable purchase price, but more importantly, you demonstrated compassion and a nurturing attitude during this difficult time.

     From our initial conversation I could tell that you understood the unique and sometimes trying situations that we would have to traverse in order to satisfy all parties. However, your experience and dedication to bring all parties back and find common ground was the difference maker.

Again, thank you very much.


Dave Snuggs


I was Executor over my Aunts Estate and had been trying to settle everything .Her house was a challenge I went through a lot after she passed.

I had been trying to find someone that I could trust and would buy her house before the bank foreclosed on it.  I met one guy who led me to Chuck McConkey.  The first meeting he knew what he was doing!

I felt at peace and he took control of the situation and told me the best way for my aunts house.  He went beyond the call of getting things done.

I was so tired of dealing with everything .  He eased my load we finally was able to close on the house.

He is a man of character who goes beyond what he is called to do .  I am very grateful for Chuck.

I know he has a heart for others to help them do what s best in any situation .  I recommend him highly to others you want go wrong by going with him.

Joy H.
Lexington, NC


We decided that we wanted to sell our home in order to purchase a new home.  We both work from home and our home was “full”, and we were not able to even think about staging for selling.  We worked with some of the larger firms that provide ‘purchase as is services’, but of course there are always stipulations that are not disclosed until you start working with them.

We opted to go another route and sought out local professionals.  Our search brought us to Ed Lane and Chuck McConkey.  Ed came out within a couple of days and prepared us a very reasonable offer within just a day or so.

Four days later we were under contract.  Ed and Chuck were upfront and professional every step of the way.  And because the closing on our new home was several days after the closing on this home, Ed and Chuck allowed us to rent the house we just sold to them for a few days at a very reasonable rate.

We could not be happier to have chosen to do business with Ed, Chuck and the rest of his team at EBC Capital Partners, LLC.  They went out of their way to ensure that my wife and I were comfortable with the deal and that all our questions were answered so there would not be any surprises.

EBC Capital Partners, LLC is a company of honesty and integrity.  I would highly recommend them to any others considering selling their home.

Lee and Donna W., Garner NC